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Skrive is a free, simple and privacy-friendly site builder for creatives who want to publish their content with as little work as possible.

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Write First, Build Later

With Skrive, you're site is fully functional as soon as you publish your first post. No need to spend hours searching for expensive themes or plugins to ensure basic functionality.

High performance, great SEO and speedy content delivery, are all handled by us, so you can spend more time writing, and less time building your site.

Super Rich Content

With our powerful text editor, you can embed images, media, and even custom code inside your posts, all for free.

Unlimited Spaces

Create and scale many sites as you want under a single account, at no additional cost.

Extremely Composable

After you've published your first post, you can add features to your site like newsletters and comments like building blocks.

Simple Rigid

Customize colors, layouts, and fonts to suit your style. Add custom pages, as well as custom content to predefined pages.

Embed custom code and html before, inside and after posts, as well as before and after pages. It's everything you need to make your site your own.

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Optimized By Default

Page speed is extremely important to us. We optimize your site for speed and extremely fast load times by default. We also optimize your images automatically, ensuring that only the fastest, highest quality version of your images are displayed on your site.

SEO is also optimized out of the box. Your site's meta tags and sitemap are automatically generated.

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